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Many associate gymnastics with what is shown on TV every four years at the summer Olympic Games, but gymnastics is so much more than that. Gymnastics, also known as the mother of all sports, has become one of the most popular activities for children to engage in. A child who has done gymnastics generally finds it a lot easier to transition into and excel at other sports. Whether they are involved in recreational or competitive gymnastics, skills and life lessons learnt in gymnastics can benefit a child's overall development.

Gymnastics is great for physical well-being. It helps children stay fit and healthy, and encourages the maintenance of an active lifestyle through to adulthood. Gymnastics is one of the most physically complete activities where children can build a range of motor and co-ordination abilities develop great body and spatial awareness and enhance body control from head to toe. Strength building is also an important aspect of gymnastics. It is important for children to develop sufficient body control and strength not just for sports, but for academic related activities such as reading and writing. Having enough strength in the core also means the child will be more likely to be able to break a fall or right himself when he slips.

Gymnastics also brings with it social and emotional benefits. Children learn how to take turns, work in a team and follow instructions. The nature of gymnastics is also such that it takes many failed attempts before one is able to master a skill. A child embarking on this journey will learn persistence, discipline and how to overcome discouragement. Learning not to cave in when the going gets tough is a very important life skill that every child should be equipped with before taking on the challenges of this world.

While gymnastics is undoubtedly a great sport, it is the facilitators of the sport that allows the sport to shine. To have an excellent gymnastics program one needs to have excellent coaches. Whether your child is doing gymnastics recreationally or competitively, sound coaching is important to ensure effective and safe learning. Marble Gymnastics is well-known for its top-notch coaches who not only love gymnastics, but are passionate about the impartation of knowledge and skills to their charges. To find out more about Marble’s  coaches, please click

Marble Gymnastics is a firm believer in equipping the children of this generation with essential skills and attributes so that they may go on to leave positive effects on the generations to come. As we say in Marble Gymnastics, "Life influences life, together, you and I make a positive change in our children's future and life."