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Petite Elite Gymnastics Programs
Classes for girls with age 5 and 7

Girls Gymnastics Program
Girls Gymnastics Program

This 2 hours program is aimed at girls primarily 5 and 6 years of age that are showing above average physical potential, desire to learn and have lots of energy to spare. The athletes are selected from various programs within the club or previous experience in

``FUN`` continues to be a main aspect of the program with emphasis on the joy of gymnastics as well as a real ``keenness to be part of the sport”. It is at this point that basic fundamental skills are introduced and incorporated in the program on all apparatus. We also continue to emphasize the concept of fitness through developing the child’s strength, power, flexibility and endurance. This prepares the gymnast’s body in order to learn and acquire the basic fundamental skills. At the same time we start to develop some of the psychological aspect of gymnastics, positive self-image and a good level of self- confidence of each child.

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