Marble Gymnastics Academy

Competitive Programs

Marble Gymnastics offer Men’s/Boy's Provincial, National, High Performance Program for competitive gymnasts. These programs are for boys age 5 and above.

If you are interested in the Competitive Program, please contact the Club Director at (604) 585-8828 to make an appointment. Entry by assessment.

Marble Gymnastics' Training Philosophy

Marble Gymnastics Academy Owner Alexey Kirillov is the Program Director & High Performance Coach and has been involved with gymnastics for many years.

Alexey has had over 10 years of coaching experience at the high performance and national international levels in Canada. With his technical expertise and his effective coaching approach, he produces many high level gymnasts.

Alexey Kirillov was Team Canada National Coach and brought his gymnast (Alexander Jeltkov) to the Olympic Games in 2004.

Alexey has brought his passion and dedication in gymnastics to Marble Gymnastics Academy to help to fulfill the dreams of our athletes.

In Marble Gymnastics, Alexey aims to achieve high standards with emphasis on safety, respect, fun and motivation by doing the following:

  • Solid base-builds and progressions - We aim for a continuum from recreation to competitive so that beginners classes are both fun and challenging and build towards high level skills. We have a vocabulary of over 100 skills for beginners that reinforce and develop the base attributes required.
  • Optimization –We plan to optimize the effect of each training session for all levels by:
    • Correct skill and attribute development over a number of years so that requirements are there when required.
    • Respecting recovery cycles of the body and mind so that a gymnast is always focused and training at a 100%. This avoids burnt out and injuries caused by physical or mental fatigue.
  • Individualization – Each athlete has his/her own individual needs and challenges. I am ready to find new ways to help an athlete. I think a systematic way of identifying strengths and weaknesses throughout our classes will help develop better gymnasts and make the sport safer in the long run.

Information about Men's Artistic Gymnastics

There are six events in men’s artistic gymnastics. Click on the picture to see a brief description of the event.

Floor Exercise Pommel Horse Rings Vault Parallel Bars Horizontal Bars
Floor Exercise Pommel Horse Rings Vault Parallel Bars Horizontal Bars
Floor Exercise
Floor Exercise

Floor Exercise

The floor exercise includes a variety of tumbling, turns, acrobatics, balances, and momentary pauses. The sequences should be original and reveal the strength, agility, control, and personality of the athlete, all with correct form and execution.